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Corporate Data Strategies


Does Your Company Need More Sales?


Corporate Data Strategies (Corpdat) can analyze the information from your website and marketing materials to determine how to get your company more Sales!


Does Your website present the value proposition that is most likely to produce the most Sales?


From its analysis of  your company's website, Corpdat can test the  best compelling value propositions from your products/services to be presented to prospects.

Is Your website focused on the value proposition that will maximize your Sales?


Corpdat can prove to Your company, that it can improveyour sales.


Corpdat can certify how well your Value Proposition for your product/services is matched to the value Demand of your Markets! 

     Corpdat will provide to your firm, a contact, and the compelling value proposition that has been presented to that contact.




1.     You provide your company website Address to Corpdat via the Corpdat email web form.


2.     After analysis, Corpdat will identify value propositions from the functionality of your products/services.


3.  Corpdat will test online, for the value proposition that is most compelling, and most easily visualized, for gatekeeper penetration.



4.  Corpdat will identify matches between your compelling value proposition and value requirements from companies in the Corpdat database.


5.  Corpdat will present your compelling value proposition to the identified prospects.


6.     Corpdat will set up a  phone meeting time and place for your discussion with the Corpdat targeted contact.


7.      While the additional contact is provided to your company, at no charge, additional contacts can be provided upon your agreement to Corpdat’s fee schedule.



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How well does your Value Proposition match the Demand of your Markets?



Benefits of Corpdat's Added Sales Services:


1. Shortened Sales Cycles.

2. Additional Sales Opportunities

3. Increased   Business in shortest time.

4. Increased Profitability.

5. Fewer dropped Sales Opportunities.

6. Translates product/service features into values.

7. Improved value focus for your company staff.

8. Open new accounts and markets.

9. Better penetration of existing accounts


Can your company afford to lose these additional Sales?